I am one of those people who gets super excited about the first snowfall. So when the snow fell on Thursday while the autumnal leaves were still left on the trees, I was pretty much the most excited six year old trapped in the body of a twenty six year old woman ever. I talked Martin into taking a break from work to come with me to the botanical garden with several "pretty please". The sight that awaited us there might just have been the prettiest thing I have ever seen. It was such a beautiful contrast between the crispy white snow and the warm rusty shades of the leaves peaking through the layer of snow on the ground, and between the trees carrying it on their remaining leaves. It also happened to coordinate perfectly with my outfit. I do not think it was all that random though, as my subconscious works in mysterious color matching ways.
alt alt alt To experience and document this was such a cherished moment, as I have been feeling rather poorly for the last few weeks. It made my day, month and possibly also year. Although I feel sad about the autumnal season coming to an end, there is something magical about the time leading up to Christmas. I am one of those who prefer the time before Christmas to the actual Christmas celebration, so I will make sure to make the most of it until I get tired of and done with winter on the first of January. Our Christmas holiday will be a bit different this year, as I am leaving Norway to spend Christmas in Spain with my parents, brother and Martin. (Milo will spend Christmas with his feline girlfriend Lilly - being ignored most likely.)

alt Even Martin color matched perfectly, but I am pretty sure his subconscious does not work in the same (slightly obsessive) mysterious color matching way as mine does. alt A picture to show off my inner six year old.


Even though the season of messy tangled hair is upon us, I feel most excited about staying inside with a cup (or ten) of tea, a blanket and Milo. I feel like it is a bit easier to struggle with fatigue during the colder months of the year, as things seem to move in a slower pace than during summertime. (I am not taking the stress of pre-holidays into consideration. I am ignoring that aspect almost entirely.)


Outfit details: coat from Warehouse, hat from Brixton, scarf and mittens from Accessorize, backpack from FjellrÀven and shoes FACE classics.