I have a lot of favorite places around town, and most of them are where trees, leaves and grass are present. I am torn between being a city person or preferring the country side. I like both, and I want both - but I guess this works as a middle path.
Trondheim has been so sunny recently, and I cannot remember last time the weather was this good - for so long! I am trying to enjoy it while it lasts, as I know those dark November days are getting closer. As in an attempt to make the most of it, I forced Martin with me to the Botanical Garden to take some couple photos. We barely have photos of the two of us together, and even though neither of us are the romanic kind, I do want to have our life together sort of documented. The fact that Martin gets awkward and slightly embarrassed is just a bonus, although it was me who felt the most embarrassed today.
alt alt When I say embarrassed, I mean embarrassed. I literally tried to hide by falling down on the ground, and Martin tried to pick me back up in order to take the picture. It made me giggle even more of embarrassment as it must have looked rather strange, and for a moment I think it might have looked like we were being a bit too romantic towards each other in the Botanical Gardens.

alt alt And then we just lost all sense of seriousness, got too cold and went home. Now for the most romantic moment of our day: Pizza and Luke Cage.


Outfit details: Dress from Forever21, boots from Bianco, scarf from H&M and hat from Brixton. Martin is wearing pants from Zara, cardigan from H&M and Ecco desert boots. He is also wearing the letter "F" in bright red on his hand, as I took a pro marker and failed him on his skills of making the bed.