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What The Time Home Fibre Malaysia Service Actually Ensures

Time internet Malaysia

The Internet is the main protagonist, since without a good connection, it is practically impossible to
work at home. To start teleworking, one essential thing is to have a computer and a powerful network,
as well as additional elements such as a comfortable table and chair and other office furniture. In any
case, the first thing to do is focus on having a good connection, currently being the norm, opt for more
mobile fiber promotions. Using the Time internet Malaysia is essential in such cases.

Time internet Malaysia

Connection options

Today, the use of fiber is the most common and increasingly demanded option, because it has greater
advantages and offers greater speed. Although it is true, other alternatives can also be considered in the event that fiber cannot be installed in the home.


Fiber optics is the best option for telecommuting, among other things, because it offers a higher
connection speed than other options. Generally, the ideal to be able to telework is to acquire a 1GB
fiber, and it is recommended that it be symmetrical. This allows all the devices in the house to be connected, being able to navigate at the same speed and with the best quality.

In addition, it must be said that the fiber adapts to all types of work, taking into account that there are those who do not need too much power to carry out their activity. In this way, cheaper and basic services can be contracted, such as 100Mb or 300 Mb fibers, however, for a good teleworking; the ideal is 600Mb onwards.


In the event that fiber cannot be installed in the home, it is an option that can help telework, but
logically the benefits are not the same. The speed is usually lower and the download time increases, to
which is added that, if several devices are connected to the network, it can cause quite a few problems.

Mobile connection

It is the other option that remains, work from your own mobile phone. Currently, smartphones have 4G,
and it can be shared on the computer to connect to the network. It is an alternative to "get out of
trouble" at a certain time, since the speed is lower and also, the gigabytes run out quickly.

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