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What is Website Downtime, Exactly?

Has it ever occurred to you that you visit a particular website and you cannot seem to access it for some reason? That is what is commonly known as website downtime or simply put, the inability for a user to access any website.
What causes website downtime and how can you fix this problem? Well, I will talk about everything that you need to know in today’s article, so do read until the end of this to find out some really important information.

What is It?

Website downtime is subjective, but if explained in the simplest terms, it just means that a person cannot access a website because of a lot of different reasons.
It can either be in the form of not being able to complete certain tasks (i.e. placing items in your shopping cart) or not being able to access the website entirely.

What Causes It?

There are actually plenty of different reasons why a website can go down abruptly. Here are just some of the most common ones:

1. Poor Website Hosting

Have you ever stopped to wonder why websites can be accessible online? Well, you have web hosting providers to thank for that. These are companies that have plenty of servers that you can use to have your website ‘hosted’ and so that you and other people can access your webpage.
However, not all providers are the same. Although there are top hosting companies, there are also those that provide mediocre or poor results. And, a poor web hosting service usually translates to bad overall service.

2. Human Error

This only applies to websites that have been developed from scratch. You see, unlike website builders, manual website building would require the use of programming languages to create different codes and scripts for the website to function as it should.
Because of how complex these codes and scripts can get, some web developers might not be able to see the faults in their scripts which will result in problems down the line.

3. Hardware Failure

Since servers are made up of different hardware components, each one of those components could fail at any time. When that happens, the server goes down and the websites that are on it along with it.

4. Malicious Attacks

One of the most dangerous things that can happen to a web server is the DDoS or
Distributed Denial of Service attacks. This is essentially where hackers would use ‘zombie computers’ to overload web servers, effectively causing shutdowns and other things.

How to Avoid It?

Although there are plenty of possible causes of website downtime, they can actually be avoided. Here are some of the possible remedies:

  • Website Monitoring- Use different website monitoring tools to help you see if your website is up or it has experienced a crash
  • Improved Web Security- Your web hosting company should be responsible for this, but you could always employ additional security features on your end to ensure multi-phase protection against malicious attacks
  • API Monitoring- If you have API issues, resolving them can help remedy website downtime.
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Jeanette Stevens Administrator
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